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Who We Are


Tahoma Consulting believes every customer is unique and what works for one customer may not work for another. We understand that your business values can’t be achieved through technology alone. Therefore, our experts ask the right questions to know more about your business objectives to develop the most adaptive solutions to fit your requirements and put the right tools in your hands. We go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations every time.


We make sure that your implementation strategy accounts for all of the surrounding business issues that will determine whether the implementation succeeds or fails in the long term, helping your organization squeeze every bit of value out of your investment.


Our deep industry expertise will help customers ride major technology waves that impact their organization in profound ways, such as a technology decision making process that avoids standard pitfalls, minimizing business risks and the increasing the true value of making the right decision and investment.


We are flexible in our engagement model to help you ease your budgetary constraints, our philosophy is what is important to you is important to us.


Our team of technology experts are trained and experienced in Six-Sigma, Agile, and Waterfall methodology in order to adapt to the customer environment quickly and contribute to customer success.


Our management team and consultants have higher self-efficacy and tolerance for ambiguity.

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